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A man driving an outlaw eagle aluminum boat on the water
World-class aluminum jet and outboard boats redefined!

Outlaw Eagle Boats

Award-winning, champion-calibre jet boats as well as outboards designed to retain their value over time. Outlaw Eagle continues to fabricate the most innovative, durable aluminum boats on the water.

Outlaw Eagle is the industry-leader in aluminum jet boats and it has the accolades to back it up. The timeless structural design and engineering that goes into each boat ensures that these watercraft hold their resale value for many years. Outlaw Eagle is committed to fully understanding its customers needs and expectations so that each boat is tailored specifically to exceeding them. These aluminum boats have some of the strongest handling features on the market. Outlaw Eagle boats are designed for people who love the water, by people who love the water.

Outlaw Eagle Boat Gallery

Take a look at some of our Outlaw Eagle boats.